Tahitian Vanilla Beans

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Plump Rich Flavored Vanilla Bean
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Tahitian Vanilla Beans are arguably the best vanilla beans in the world. Often called “gold” vanilla beans, since Tahiti does not produce millions of pounds of them. The beans themselves are far plumper and have many more seeds than Madagascar or Indonesian vanilla beans. Their scent is a fragrant balance of light floral notes and deep ripe fruit. The  flavor is rich and reminiscent of dark berries, cocoa and cane sugar.

The main differences between Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans and Tahitian Vanilla beans are that the Tahitian beans are a hybrid of two different vanilla species that were introduced to Tahiti in the 1800s. In addition, the  curing process of Tahitian beans differs from the other countries. Tahitian vanilla beans are also more susceptible to heat making them better suited for refrigerated and frozen desserts, pastry creams, fruit pies, smoothies, shakes and puddings.

Contents: Two Tahitian Vanilla Beans in four inch Vial