Artisan Sampler Set

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A truly unique collection of rare spices
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Is your spice cabinet filled with unusual and unique spices?  Do you know someone who thinks they have it all?  If so, this sampler tin is for you. It is for the spice connoisseur as it contains some truly rare and unique spices that will turn any meal into an exquisite feast.  For this hand-prepared kit we have selected spices that will cover a wide range of flavor profiles from Piment D'espelette with is taste is both exquisitely smoky and hard to define to the Truffle Salt made is Italian black truffles this you will truly enjoy using the spices in this sampler. The Artisan sampler kits contains:

- Piment D'Espelette a sweet-hot pepper grown in only 10 communities in the Basque region of France and is the only spice in France to be protected under the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), designating it a unique product grown in one well-defined region (think Champagne!). It is rare in the US with only 133,000 pounds of powdered Piment d'Espelette produced annually.

- Black Garlic Powder - A perfect combination of sweet and savory with tangy garlic undertones. Use anywhere you would use traditional garlic. It adds complexity and a deep rich flavor to every dish, and lacks the pungent odor of traditional garlic!  Black garlic is higher in antioxidants that regular garlic and is sometimes even added to various liquids and drunken as a health tonic

- Truffle Salt - Infused with black truffles to create an intoxicating, powerful aroma and complex flavor. Just a pinch goes a long way! Use as a finishing salt to add a hint of earthiness. Try truffle salt in soups, meats, sprinkled over potatoes or other vegetables, or even popcorn.

- Danish Viking Sea Salt - Produced in Denmark by one person who has revitalized the ancient salt smoking method of the Vikings. Seawater is first evaporated to leave just the sea salt, which is then smoked in a vessel over a fire of juniper, cherry, elm, beech, and oak woods. In the words of Saveur Magazine, this salt "tastes like a bonfire." (In a good way.)

- Afghan Saffron - Recently ranked as the worlds best Saffron our Afghan saffron comes from Kashmir, long considered the site for the world's premier saffron production. The strands of the Afghan saffron are slightly longer and thicker than Spanish saffron. Kit contains 1/2 gram of Afghan Saffron

Dimensions:  5 inches left to right x 3.5 inches high x 0.75 inches thickness

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We can custom create any group of blends or spices  in a sampler set. Please contact us for suggestions or how we can help make the perfect gift for that special someone.