Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt

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Most intense smoked salt...
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The strongest of our smoked salts, Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt is produced in Denmark by one person who has revitalized the ancient salt smoking method of the Vikings. First, seawater is evaporated to leave just the sea salt, which is then smoked in a vessel over a fire of juniper, cherry, elm, beech, and oak woods. In the words of Saveur Magazine, this salt "tastes like a bonfire." (In a good way.)

Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt is best used as a a finishing salt to retain the delightful and intense flavor. Try it on eggs, potatoes, vegetables, caramels, or even to rim cocktail glasses. The possibilities are endless.

Please note our Danish Viking salt is a coarser grind so a little will last a long time.

Net Wt. 0.7 oz (19 gms)