Khmeli Suneli

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Flavorful and pleasantly fragrant
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Khmeli Suneli is a traditional Georgian seasoning and popular all throughout Eastern Europe, this blend is flavorful and pleasantly fragrant. It's ancient Georgian recipe of dried spicy herbs, has made it the most popular Georgian seasoning. You could probably find Khmeli Suneli in nearly every Georgian household! It works really well as an aromatic rub for meat but could also work well for baking vegetables. Our Khmeli Suneli is authentically made using Georgian spices such as Utskho Suneli, Georgian Saffron, and Bay Leaf.

Ingredients: UtskhoSuneli, Georgian Saffron, Georgian Bay Leaf, Red Pepper, Basil, Fennel, Parsley, Celery & Coriander.

Net Wet 1 oz (28 gms)