Latin Spice Bundle

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Latin Deluxe
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Authentic Hand-Made Spices

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Latin Spices Bundle

Set of hard-to-find hand-made Latin seasoning blends

Make an easy Latin inspired meal in flash with these premium quality hard-to-find spice blends.

Check out this great offer that includes four spice tins to hold your spices! Select Deluxe and include two latin American heirloom beans.

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● Hand-Made Latin Sazon Seasoning (1 Oz)/28 gms) - Latin Sazon is a wonderful all-purpose seasoning perfect for use in preparing rice (annatto gives rice a unique yellow color), vegetables and meats.

● Hand-Made Adobo (1 Oz)/28 gms) - Adobo gives an earthy, smoky garlicky rich flavor which is perfect for sauces, soups, beans, eggs, chicken, pork and meat rubs.

● Chilean Merquen (1 Oz)/28 gms) - This unique spice blend made by the indigenous Mapuche tribe in Chile is made from plucked green peppers that are heated over wood and crushed with salt, cilantro seeds,cumin or oregano.

● Taco Tuesday Seasoning  - (1.5 oz) / (42 gms) - Use our all natural organic  and saltfree Taco Tuesday seasoning to bring out subtle flavors Mexican on this weeknight staple that will fill you up and satisfy you and your family and friends.

● Four 4 Oz spice tins to hold all of your spices

● Latin meal suggestion

Deluxe Option Includes

Black Turtle Beans (16 oz / 443 gms) - Popular in Latin and South American cuisine. They are packed with fiber and protein. In addition, consuming black beans are said to help to regulate blood pressure and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Canary Beans - (16 oz / 443 gms) - Canary beans are also called "Peruvian" or "Mayocoba" and are considered by some as the King of Beans by Latin chefs because of their texture and rich and buttery flavor.

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