Georgian Spice Bundle

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Georgian Deluxe
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Authentic Georgian Spices

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Deluxe Option includes Georgian Saffron and Svanetian Salt

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Georgian Spices Bundle

Complete Bundle of Georgian Spices and Blends

When cooking Georgian recipes, finding the spices for this cuisine can be particularly troublesome. So why not buy all of your favorite Georgian spices in one set?

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Neatly styled in a decorative package, the Georgian spices bundle includes:

● Dry Adjika​ (1 Oz)/28 gms) - Our dry adjika is a spicy blend of utskho suneli, fennel, Georgian bay leaf, garlic, coriander, red pepper, and salt.

● Georgian Red Pepper​ (1 Oz)/28 gms) -  Rich bright flavorful pepper that is similar in heat to paprika. It will give all of your Georgian recipes that authentic Georgian color and flavor.

● Khmeli-Suneli​ (1 Oz)/28 gms) - Fun to say, even more fun to cook with. This ancient Georgian blend of utskho suneli, Georgian saffron, Georgian bay leaf, red pepper, basil, fennel, parsley, celery, and coriander can be found in nearly every Georgian household.

● Utskho Suneli (1 Oz)/28 gms) ​- The elusive blue fenugreek, utskho suneli grows wild in the mountains of northern Georgia. It is less bitter and more mild than Indian fenugreek, and is most often found in ground form.

● Four 2 Oz spice tins to hold all of your spices

● Georgian Recipe

Deluxe Option Includes

Georgian Saffron (0.75 Oz/22 gms) - Georgian Saffron or also known in Georgia as Zaparna has a nice spicy flavor & a sharp fragrance. A truly unique and wonderful spice

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