Home Made Vanilla Extract Kit

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DIY Vanilla Extract
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Fun, DIY vanilla extract kit for making homemade vanilla extract. Why buy commercially prepared vanilla extract when you can make your own. This kit includes four premium quality Madagascar vanilla beans, 12 oz swing top bottle, and a recipe for making your own extract. This kits makes a great gift for someone that likes to bake or uses a lot of vanilla extract.

How to Use / Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

Ingredients: Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Vodka, Bourbon, Rum or Brandy

1. Use a knife to split the beans in half, leave about ½ inch at each end intact.

2. Fill bottle with alcohol of choice. Vodka lends for traditional extract flavor whereas Bourbon and Brandy yield more smoky spicy notes and Rum will yield sweeter tones to the extract

3. Close bottle and store in a cool, dry place for at least eight weeks giving the bottle a shake approximately every week.

As you use the vanilla extract, simply add in more liquor to replace what you have used.