Pure Chocolate Extract Nielson Massey

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Chocolate Base Flavor
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Pure Chocolate Extract produced by Nielson-Massey is known to be some of the best in the world. It is crafted from the finest cocoa beans that embodies the uninhibited depth and flavor of dark chocolate. This extract is ideal for adding extra layers of this divine flavor to any recipe with chocolate as the base. Also, use it to add subtle distinction to a wide range of dishes, including beverages, desserts, sauces, chilis and other spicy foods. This extract pairs exceptionally well with chile peppers, tomatoes, legumes and, naturally, vanilla.

1 Tbs. Chocolate Extract = 1 Tbs. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder | 1 Tbs. Chocolate Extract + 1 tsp. Sugar = ½ oz. Semi-sweet Chocolate.

Net Wt. 2 oz (56gms)