Bazaar Rubs Sampler Kit

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For the Love of Rubs!
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This hand-made one of a kind Bazaar Rubs Sampler Set is the perfect set for sampling some of our best barbeque rubs and blends.  For this set we included our super popular Whiskey Rub, the subtle yet spicy Chipotle Barbeque Rub, our Sonoma seasoning with its mild heat and citrus notes its perfect for those that like the flavor, but not the heat, our Espresso Rub with freshly ground Espresso beans is good on everything from fish to pork, and our Quebec Steak Seasoning which is a coarser blend perfect for adding a little bite and crunch to your steak. 

Dimensions:  5 inches left to right x 3.5 inches high x 0.75 inches thickness and contains approximately 0.25 oz (or one tablespoon) of spices.

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We can custom create any group of blends or spices  in a sampler set. Please contact us for suggestions or how we can help make the perfect gift for that special someone.