Utskho Suneli (Blue Fenugreek)

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Milder than common Fenugreek
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Utskho Suneli also known as blue fenugreek is an herb that is grows wild in the mountainous parts of northern Georgian. Slightly milder than the popular fenugreek, this herb is very versatile and can be used for meats or fresh salads. It is used most often in satsivi and bazhe, which are delicious walnut based Georgian sauces.

Recipe for Satsivi:

1/4 cup of mashed Walnuts
0.5 oz Utskho Suneli
0.5 oz of Coriander powder
Red Pepper & Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients and use as a marinade for meat or as a dipping sauce for breads and vegetables.

Net Wt. 1 oz (28 gms).