Bazaar Spices hosts a number of cooking, food and health-related classes and discussions. Our classes range from "Cooking with Edible Flowers" to our very popular "World Salt Tasting," during which attendees have an opportunity to sample a range of salts from all over the world. Events are hosted at our Union Market shop and our Atlantic Plumbing location. Space is generally limited so check back often to see what's upcoming. For information on our group and private classes, email: mgrover at bazaarspices dot com.

We are always open to your suggestions for events to hold so if you have an idea, drop us a note.

Upcoming Demonstrations, Classes, and Talks

  • History Worth Its Salt | Saturday, January 28, 2017 | 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
    Join the Atlas Obscura Society DC & Bazaar Spices in learning about the incredible history of common table salt. Are you worth your weight in salt? Why did Lot's wife turn into a pillar of salt? What does it mean if someone is "salty?" Learn the answer to these questions and many more as we explore the remarkable history and lore of common salt! Resident spice experts from DC's Bazaar Spices will lead you on a wonderful journey through history as you learn about this invaluable compound. You will learn about salt's many uses, how it has influenced trade and commerce for centuries, and how it continues to influence our everyday lives. In addition to this fascinating history, you will learn new ways to use salt to flavor food and for other, non-culinary purposes. During the session, Obscura Society members will have the chance to taste various salts from around the world! We'll also learn how to infuse and make our own flavored salts, which each participant will get to take home.

  • DIY Body Scrub Bar with Bazaar Spices + Handmade Habitat | Thursday, February 2, 2017 | 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    FEED YOUR SKIN! Stop by Bazaar Spices for a DIY body scrub bar with Amina of Handmade Habitat! Your skin is your body's largest organ and it needs nourishment. Come learn the healthy beauty benefits that natural salts, sugars, oils, herbs and spices can offer your skin to enhance it's natural glow. In this workshop, you'll be able to create a custom beauty scrub for yourself. This workshop will be led by Amina Ahmad, owner and maker of Handmade Habitat, an all natural soy candle and beauty goods company based in Washington, DC. Space is limited, sign up today!

  • Spices 101 | Thursday, February 16, 2017 | 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    Join us at Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library on February 16th as we cover the basics of spices. What exactly is a spice? What do I look for when buying spices? How can I use them in my cooking? What pairs with what? During the session, we will also cover the effects of some everyday spice favorites like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and cocoa on factors ranging from controlling cravings to inflammation and weight loss. Attendees will take home a spice sample and receive a coupon for a free spice infusion drink. RSVP today.

Past Demonstrations, Classes, and Talks

  • Union Market Test Kitchen | Make Spiced Mulled Wine & Cider (November 2016)
    Bazaar Spices and Cordial Wine will partner to present its "Spiced Mulled Wine & Join Cordial Craft Wine, Beer, and Spirits and Bazaar Spices for a festive mulled wine class to ring in the holiday season! Learn more about the history of these warm winter drinks as well as the spices involved. We'll be demonstrating how to make several fun versions of the mulled drinks for you to sip on, featuring red wine, white wine, cider, and a syrup for cocktails. You'll be going home with two bottles of wine and a DIY mulled spices sachet so you'll be ready to serve mulled wine to the guests at your next holiday party! 
  • Misteka Dessert Pop Up (November 2016)
    One reason that contributes to the richness of the Mediterranean cuisine is the variety of spices incorporated in their sweet & savory dishes. Misteka, being a Mediterranean Inspired brand, creates desserts and snacks using some of these spices like cumin, cinnamon and mastic. Misteka will be popping up at Bazaar Spices, The Atlantic Plumbing branch at 2130 8th St NW, DC on November 5th to showcase some of its best sellers. Don't miss the free samples!
  • Book Signing with Mathew Ramsey of Pornburger (October 2016)
    Join Bazaar Spices as they welcome Mathew Ramsey, local DC-based author of recent book, "Pornburger" as he discusses his exciting book with you. You will have an opportunity to purchase a personally autographed copy of the book for yourself!

  • Make Your Own Custom-Blended Bath Soaks (October 2016)
    Join Bazaar Spices as they welcome Mary Kearns of Herban Lifestyle for a hands-on lesson on making your own custom bath soaks using natural ingredients. After an explanation of the properties of various herbs, spices and essential oils (think sandalwood and lavender), enjoy crafting your own delicious-smelling bath soaks. Throughout, we will give you the tools and knowledge that can be applied to your future DIY projects. Head home with some Bazaar Spices + Herban Lifestyle sample products and your own soothing, aromatic creations. We will have sips and snacks for everyone to enjoy throughout the class. The cost is $40.00 per person, which includes all materials. Registration is required, as space is limited to 8 participants. The workshop will be facilitated by Mary Kearns, who has made it her mission in life to make the world a happier, healthier and better-smelling place. Raised in a family that prized natural foods and recycling, Mary has had a lifelong a passion for the natural, organic and earth-friendly. With a background in behavioral health and cancer prevention, Mary is committed to helping people live their best, healthiest lives through her business, Herban Lifestyle.

  • DIY Combat-Ready Lip Balm Workshop with Sara Demelio of Skincando (October 2016)
    Join Bazaar Spices as they welcome the country's top Eco-Aesthetician and Founder of Skincando, Sara Demelio, as she demonstrates the power of clean beauty. Sara will be joining Bazaar Spices to talk about herbs, spices, oils and skin care, and her organic skin care products that are handmade locally using Bazaar Spices' herbs and now stocked at Bazaar Spices' Atlantic Plumbing location. Sara will teach guests how to make their very own combat-ready lip balm! This will be an interactive session where attendees will be able to learn the benefits of apricot oil, coconut oil, cloves, and why they are good for you. She will also discuss why utilizing herbs both internally and externally is good for the body. Stop by for a fun, interactive event.

  • A Spicy Sprint Through European History (October 2016)
    Sample popular spices from antiquity to the Victorian era with Atlas Obscura and DC’s Bazaar Spices! You can tell the history of the world through the history of its flavorings. From the Romans’ use of marshmallow to the Victorians’ preference for nutmeg, spices and herbs have always been commodities that tell us a lot about geography, commerce, agriculture and culture. Join Obscura Society DC for a unique history lesson and exclusive spice tasting with the experts at Bazaar Spices, Washington DC's first locally-owned and operated gourmet spice shop. We will have the opportunity to learn about the origin of some of the world’s most popular spices while sampling spice blends popular in different eras. Our tasting history of spices will begin in ancient Greece before moving on to ancient Rome, the Middle Ages and ending in the Victorian-era. Bazaar Spices’ experts will explain how spices were sourced at different periods in history, demonstrate how they were prepared, discuss how spice profiles changed over time, and share a recipe from each period. Adventurers can continue to explore new, exotic and wonderful spices after our event. Each guest will receive a coupon for 15% off any purchases made in store on Oct. 1.

  • "Smell Me" Saturday (September 2016)
    Stop by and play our “Smell me” game. Guess the scents and aromas of various spices, herbs, and botanicals. Guess all of them and win a prize. It’s that simple and fun, and you can expand your culinary skills at the same time. This event is free and open to the public.

  • Cooking Demo: Live Deliciously and Bazaar Spices (August 2015)
    Everyone deserves healthy, exciting food in their lives. Join Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Dahlia Shaaban for a tasty, creative cooking demonstration using her signature Live Deliciously formula for healthy eating. Expect everyday, DIY inspiration for yummy, plant-based eating with Mediterranean ease and sensibilities. Dahlia will demonstrate how easy it is to cook with grains like wheat berries, bulgur or farro, and integrate spices like turmeric, cinnamon, allspice, cumin, coriander, urfa, marash, or aleppo. Hope you can join us!

  • Ode Pop Up Shop at Bazaar Spices (July 2016) 
    Join us at Bazaar Spices in the Atlantic Plumbing Building as we host Ode for an afternoon of color, texture and craft. On Saturday, July 30 from 1pm-5pm, Ode, a globally-inspired retail studio featuring handcrafted, artisan made goods, is popping up at Bazaar Spices to showcase their selection of artisan-made goods for your home, including rich textiles, hand-carved serving ware, colorful baskets and much more. Join us! *Sponsored by Grassfed Media
  • 'Chups (Local Fruit Ketchup) Tasting at Bazaar Spices (July 2016)
    Join Bazaar Spices as they host ‘Chups, a local DC line of fruit ketchups whose mission is to diversify the tomato-dominated ketchup market. Ketchup is defined by the vinegar and spice that makes it savory and tangy. Originating as a fish sauce in Asia, ketchup evolved over hundreds of years before it was ever made with tomatoes. The first record of ketchup in America appeared in the 1824 cookbook A Virginia Housewife, which included recipes for oyster and mushroom ‘catsups’. With a rich history of diversity why does the modern market only offer us the tomato variety? Come by Bazaar Spices' Atlantic Plumbing location to taste some of this delicious fruit ketchup and learn more!
  • Grilling with Caribbean Spices & Jerk Seasonings (June 2016) 
    The Islands of the Caribbean are known for their precious spices, such as nutmeg, mace and cloves from Grenada (often referred to as the Spice Island), ginger, pimento, sorrel and jerk seasoning from Jamaica. Waves of migration to the Caribbean have also added to this profusion. Learn about the history of jerk and celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month with Bazaar Spices as they welcome O'Henry Bryan, producer of an artisanal jerk spice blend. O'Henry will speak on growing up in Portland, Jamaica, the acknowledged home of the keepers of the jerk tradition, and introduce us to the range of uses of jerk spices in your cooking experience.
  • FUNKIEDO Pop Up Shop at Bazaar Spices (June 2016)
    Join Bazaar Spices on Saturday, June 25th, as they welcome FUNKIEDO, a local beauty brand which handcrafts an exclusive line of natural body care products that contain the purest ingredients from around the globe, and are meticulously sourced to ensure superior quality, effectiveness, and purity. Their recipes are inspired by ancient beauty practices, and with an eye for detail are scientifically hand-crafted with the care and attention of master artisans. Customers will have the opportunity to sample products, and learn easy ways to incorporate the healing properties of herbs and spices into their daily routine. Receive discounts on special gift sets, and network with other globally minded individuals. *Sponsored by Grassfed Media
  • Everyday Exotic with Jonathan Bardzik | Easy, Approachable Dishes with Exotic Spices (June 2016)
    Put a little Saturday night special in your Tuesday night dinner. Think exotic spices are relegated to “project” recipes with difficult to find ingredients? DC-based storyteller, cook and author, Jonathan Bardzik, will demystify the flavor profiles of everything from Sumac to Ras el Hanout by adding exotic spices to everyday ingredients. Join Bazaar Spices as they host Jonathan Bardzik at Union Market on Thursday, June 9th, from 6pm-8pm, to discover new spices and blends for your kitchen and new ways to cook with your old favorites. Enjoy tastings, recipe cards, and spices to take home!
  • A Night in Georgia: Georgian Spices, Wine, Music, and Snacks (May 2016)
    Georgian food and wine have been making a splash in DC lately. If you've tasted them before, you know why. If not, here's your chance to find out. Join Bazaar Spices and Jenny Holm from The Georgian Table for a night in Georgia!  Jenny will show you how to make your own khinkali dumplings and prepare badrijani nigvzit (fried eggplant rolls with walnut-garlic filling). Enjoy a spread of Georgian appetizers, sip wines made from native grapes, listen to live folk music, and learn how to use Georgian herbs and spices like zesty adjika pepper rub, ground marigold petals, blue fenugreek, and more to add depth and color to your own cooking, no matter what type of cuisine you're making. You'll take home a Georgian spice sampler and recipes to use them in at home.
  • Potpourri Making Workshop (April 2016)
    Curious about creating your own signature scents? Join us at Bazaar Spices in Union Market in Northeast Washington, DC, for an interactive evening of aromatic creativity through a unique potpourri-making workshop. From the sweet-smelling rose and jasmine to the zippy aroma of orange peel and orris root, you'll go on a journey through blending natural botanicals to create enticing scents by utilizing the earth's ingredients in their purest forms. Come learn to craft your own blend of dried flowers, herbs, and botanicals as you discover the power of particular scents and flavors. Mix and match to discover blends that fit your personality and style, and leave with your own handmade potpourri sachet. 
  • Botanicals 101 (March 2016)
    Spring has sprung. Join us at Bazaar Spices as we share with you some spring cleaning botanicals that you can use to know only clean your home, but also your mind and body. This event is free and open to the public.
  • Lamb Jam (May 2015)
    Bazaar Spices sponsored a DIY lamb spice blending station. This interactive station showed Lamb Jam participants the basics of spices and how easy and fast it is to craft and blend their own lamb spice blends. Participants were able to take home their very own tasty lamb spice blends.

  • Beauty and Botanicals (4/9/15)
  • Do you want to learn more about the health and beauty benefits of various herbs and botanicals? Join Bazaar Spices at Union Market as we welcome our "resident beauty expert" Elana Jenkins of The Funkiedo Beauty Company.  Elana will chat with us about Beauty & Botanicals, and the benefits of having a green and environmentally friendly beauty routine.  She will also discuss the basics of natural skincare and demonstrate the beauty benefits of everyday herbs and botanicals. 
  • Healing Herbs, Botanicals, and Spices (11/12/14)
    It's cold and flu season, and we're sick (pun intended) of turning to synthetic drugs and chemicals to make us feel better. Instead, we'll tap into our wide variety of healing herbs and botanicals! Maybe you've heard of echinacea, commonly used to fight infections and the common cold, or you might have come across elderberries, packed with vitamin C and used to boost the immune system, but have you tried slippery elm, an herb that used to be the nation's leading home remedy for sore throats and coughs? Attendees learned about natural remedies and more. 

  • Fall Food Recipe Swap (10/29/14)
    Although summer's bounty of produce is ending, we can still get excited about cooking with fall and winter staples like lentils, beans, and hearty grains. They might not be as sexy as heirloom tomatoes, but high-quality French lentils, split peas, and heirlooms like Jacob's Cattle Beans are still delicious. Attendees learned about our favorite ways to use dried goods, and brought a recipe of their own to share with the group.   

  • Book Club to Discuss "Salt: A World History" (9/10/14)
    Attendees came together to discuss the fascinating book called "Salt: A World History" by Mark Kurlansky. Here's a little about the book: "In his fifth work of nonfiction, Mark Kurlansky turns his attention to a common household item with a long and intriguing history: salt. The only rock we eat, salt has shaped civilization from the very beginning, and its story is a glittering, often surprising part of the history of humankind. A substance so valuable it served as currency, salt has influenced the establishment of trade routes and cities, provoked and financed wars, secured empires, and inspired revolutions."

  • Everyday Indian Cooking (5/15/14)
    Do you LOVE Indian food? Attendees learned how to use Indian spices during a mouth-watering Indian cooking class with Deepa Patke of Aromatic Spice Blends. Attendees learned how to make Chicken Vindaloo, Spinach Paneer, Yogurt Raita, and Indian Bread. Attendees learned how Indian recipes can transform simple ingredients into ravishing meals for friends and family.

  • World Salt Tasting (4/24/14)
    Bazaar Spices at Union Market hosted a World Salt Tasting featuring DC Chef Laura Knight of A Knight's Feast who helped educate folks on the uses and varieties of salts from around the world. From Pink Himalayan Salt to Black Lava Sea Salt, attendees had a chance to taste the wide varieties of salts and learned how best to use the salts to enhance their own cooking. 
  • The Effect of Spices on the Mind and Body (3/6/14)
    What we eat affects our minds and bodies, and spices are no different! Attendees learned what research shows about the effects of some everyday favorites like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and cocoa on factors ranging from self-control to inflammation. Bazaar Spices welcomed Andrew Herr, the Founder of nutrition and lifestyle company Mind+Matter, for this exciting journey through a variety of spices.

  • A Valentine's Day Journey through the Spice World (2/12/14)
    Did you know that Ginger, Vanilla, and Nutmeg, are more than just flavorful spices? Attendees learned how to improve their love lives and bring more passion and romance to Valentine's Day. Bazaar Spices and Elana Jenkins of Funkiedo took folks on a tantalizing journey through the herb and spice world. Folks learned what spices have been used for centuries as aphrodisiacs, they sampled mouth-watering Valentine's Day-inspired hor d'ouevres, and receives great heartwarming recipes and tips to make Valentine's Day one to remember.  

  • Pickling 101 (8/14/13)
    Bazaar Spices offered its first pickling 101 class with Oh! Pickles, covering pickling basics, what spices to use, and the history and culture of pickling. 

  • Cooling Foods & Spices (7/10/13)
  • Attendees participated in an interactive discussion with Holistic Health Coach, Kerrie Martin about how to prevent overheating during the summer months, how to overcome the struggle with the heat and humidity, and how to keep focus and keep the energy high. Attendees learned how to easily incorporate specific foods, drinks, and spices to help them cool off and cultivate a balanced mind, body, and spirit this summer and beyond. (Hint: lemonade is not one of them!)   The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda guided the discussion and left folks with new ideas and recipes to keep their cool! 

  • Vegetarian Indian Cooking (6/26/13)
    Attendees joined local chef Deepa Patke of Aromatic Spice Blends to learn how to cook tasty Indian meals for friends and family. 

  • Caribbean Grilling (6/12/13)
    The Islands of the Caribbean are known for their precious spices, such as nutmeg, mace and cloves from Grenada (often referred to as the Spice Island), ginger, pimento and sorrel from Jamaica, etc. Waves of migration to the Caribbean have also added to this profusion. Attendees joined Bazaar Spices at Union Market to welcome Doreen Thompson, Founder of the Caribbean Food Alliance, as she discussed the spices most often used in Caribbean cooking, particularly spices used to enhance summer grilling. 

  • Everyday Ethiopian (5/22/13)
    The U Street corridor of Washington D.C. is known for its unique cultural heritage and history, and the D.C. area has the largest population of Ethiopian immigrants in the United States. Restaurants like Dukem and Etete have brought Ethiopian cuisine to the nation’s capital and the rich stews and exotic spices can seem esoteric to even the most advanced cooks. Chef Mikey Torres, in collaboration with Bazaar Spices at Union Market, taught attendees how easy Ethiopian cuisine can actually be! Attendees learned about many of the different ingredients and spices used in Wot; a bold red spicy stew usually made with Chicken (Duro Wot) or Lamb (Yebeg Wot). Attendees also learned about Injera, a spongy and tangy “sourdough” bread that is served with every Ethiopian meal! Chef Mikey taught attendees the time honored cooking techniques used in Ethiopian cooking, as well as a modernized quick technique perfect for busy and hungry Washingtonians.

  • Cooking w/Edible Flowers (5/9/13)
    Bazaar Spices in Union Market hosted its first "Cooking with Edible Flowers" discussion and demonstration. Have you ever used Calendula flowers in your salads? Lavender in your ice cream? Rose petals on your desserts? During this event, we described edible flowers and their health benefits. We covered how to use edible flowers in spring-time home cooking. 

  • Sri Lankan Cooking (4/11/13)
    Bazaar Spices welcomed author and gastronaut Skiz Fernando as he discussed the practical and health benefits of using spices in cooking as well as demystified some of the "exotic" ingredients often found in Sri Lankan cuisine. He also offered a demonstration and tasting of his famous chicken curry from his recent cookbook, "Rice and Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking," a New York Times notable cookbook, which put Sri Lankan food on the map. 

  • Spices and Health (3/20/13)
    Bazaar Spices in Union Market hosted Deepa Patke of Aromatic Spice Blends as she discussed current scientific research on the effects of spices on our immune system. Deepa touched upon environmental stress factors that lead to internal conditions such as oxidation and inflammation and other conditions; its causes..both, internal and external; the effects on our immune system; how spices have been used in Ayurveda to combat these conditions and diseases; different spices and their specific roles; references of current research articles; and how to incorporate spices into our daily lives to support a healthy immune system. 

  • Cajun Spice Blends (3/7/13)
    Attendees learned how to incorporate more zest into their cooking during a 30-minute cajun and creole spice blending session. Local amateur chef Tyler Savoy talked about what goes into making spice rubs and what flavors shine in Southwest and Asian cooking. Attendees made their own Cajun spice blend to take home. 

  • Nutrition and Cancer (2/20/13)
    Eric Cohen, RN, BSN, OCN, Oncology Nurse and Clinical Intern in Nutrition and Integrative Health at Tai Sophia Institute, discussed the relationship between food and cancer, and what we can eat to boost our immune system and protect us from the inflammation that causes diseases such as cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Eric discussed the herbs and spices often used to fight off inflammation. 

  • Spicy Valentine's Day (2/7/13)
    Elana Jenkins of Funkiedo discussed spice and herbal aphrodisiacs and how to incorporate them into a Valentine’s Day Date Night! During the discussion, Elana provided a list of spice and herb-related aphrodisiacs and offered recipes and suggestions for making food and beverage preparations to enhance Valentine’s Day. Attendees learned more about spices and herbs like Sassafras, Saffron, Vanilla. Rosemary, Nutmeg, Mustard, Garlic, Coriander, Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and much more. 

  • World Salt Tasting (1/14/13)
    Bazaar Spices at Union Market hosted a World Salt Tasting featuring DC Chef Laura Knight of A Knight's Feast who helped educate folks on the uses and varieties of salts from around the world. From Pink Himalayan Salt to Black Lava Sea Salt, attendees had a chance to taste the wide varieties of salts and learned how best to use the salts to enhance their own cooking. 

  • All About Gluten (1/9/13)
    Personal Trainer, Stephen Carter of Evolving Fitness, discussed gluten, the effect of gluten on the body, and how to adjust one's diet to accommodate gluten intolerance. Stephen has been a personal trainer for more than 10 years, building health, wellness and fitness programs for his clients around an understanding of the potential of the human body and the progressive methods best suited for transforming it.  Stephen's unique understanding of gluten intolerance and celiac disease has been a result of being diagnosed at the age of 19. His research into the condition has delved into the physiology and gastrointestinal changes that occur as a result of gluten intolerance, how people develop gluten intolerance and ways to address it.