Bazaar Spices Catering and Unique Culinary Spice, Herb, and Botanical Experiences

Bazaar Spices can develop, craft, and host unique culinary spice, herb, and botanical experiences geared to your particular group needs.   Listed below is a small sampling of what we can provide, however, please contact us and let us know your needs and we will work to develop something just right for you.

Salt/ Pepper Tasting

Gourmet Salts and Peppers are all the rage now. Can’t Decide Which One to Chose? We can put together a salt and pepper tasting event where group participants taste the wonderful flavors of world gourmet natural, flavored and smoked salts and peppers.  Participants will take away from the class a brief history of these wonderful spices and how they have shape life and trade throughout the ages.

Make Your Own Blend Sessions

What’s more fun than an interactive session where participants get an overview of using various spices?  Then get to take home their unique blend. We’ve developed classes from making everyday Cajun blends to unique curries and specialized blends. During the session participants learn about the spices and how they are blended and what makes each blend unique.
Spice Introduction and Learning Sessions

Not sure how to use spices, we can help?  This class is geared toward introducing groups to spices in a fun and interactive way, participants, learn the history of spices, but also smell the various spices, learn about buying tips, and how to tell good spices from bad.
Botanicals 101 - We can share with your group spring cleaning botanicals, botanicals that ward off winter colds, and everything in between.

Potpourri and other Spice and Botanical DIY Workshops

An interactive evening of aromatic creativity through our unique potpourri-making workshop. Learn to craft your own spring blend of dried flowers, herbs, and botanicals as attendees discover the power of particular spring scents and flavors. Mix and match to discover blends that fit individual styles, and leave with a unique handmade potpourri sachet.

Chef and Cooking Demonstrations

We partner with a number of Washington, DC local chefs, mixologists, and food artisans  and can put together inspirational live cooking demonstrations from everything from “How to Cook Delicious Vegetarian Meals” to “Everyday Ethiopian” and “All About Curries.” During the sessions chefs show participants how to prepare meals using various spices and herbs.  Sessions can range in duration from 15min to 1 hour.  Participants usually take home recipe cards and an appreciation for how to make something special for their next meal.