You don’t have to leave your backyard to taste high-quality spices, herbs, botanicals, rice, flours, and lentils from around the world. The co-founders of the Bazaar Spices combined their love of living in DC for more than a decade with their appreciation for spices and herbs used as natural healing remedies. The result is Bazaar Spices, which aims to replicate the same feeling experienced while traveling around the globe - a place that contributes to the fabric of the local food scene, alongside the butchers and bakers, while creating a sense of purpose and interconnectedness.

Together they share their passion for educating others about holistic traditions and incorporating natural approaches to cooking traditional dishes that they learned from their adventures and families. Bazaar Spices also believes that the arts play a vital role in the community and through giving back to organizations that support these initiatives they hope to continue to see the DC culture grow and prosper for years to come.